For Him

  • The Don – Cleansing Bar

    No Acne, No Bumps, No Pimples

    Its Vegetable Base formula removes oils and impurities from skin surface.
    The purifying action reduces the likelihood of skin inflammation.

  • The Don – Cream Bump Razor Relief

    Pimples and Acne Prone Skin

    Topic for imperfections of the skin such as bump razor (caused by beard ingrown hair), pimples (excess of sebum), acne (excess of skin impurities).

    Used as a topic product, it soothes the skin providing total comfort with an extraordinary sensation of well being.

  • The Don – Deo Cream

    24 Hours Control – Alcohol Free

    Leaves the skin perfumed all day long.

    Hypoallergenic fragrance, soothing formula not staining clothes.

  • The Don – Lotion Extra Shine

    Hair Manageability (Easy Combing)

    An extraordinary preparation to coat hair giving it extra shine.

  • The Don – Milk Tone Up

    Strengthening, Hydrating and Elasticizing

    Fluid and creamy milk, non oily, rich of ingredients to delay the appearance of signs of ageing.

    Intense masculine perfume pleasantly persisting.

  • The Don – Shampoo Anti Dandruff

    Relieves itching and flaking of the scalp with deep moisturizing action.

  • The Don – Shower Gel Tone Up

    Exfoliating, Strengthening, Moisturizing

    To impart extreme softness and luminosity to the skin.

    Its creamy foam clears skin from all impurities and wraps it in a sweet, delightful and persisting masculine fragrance.