• Lemon – Cream Fair Tone Plus

    Face (Normal to Dry Skin)

    Ideal for uneven skin tone, this cream contains the maximum clinically tested levels of LUMISKIN™, a powerful functional that is proven to clear stubborn blemishes of the skin caused both by an excessive response to environmental insults (sun-rays) and by the hormonal changes (age, pregnancy) responsible of the irregular formation of melanin.

  • Lemon – Lightening Serum

    Face (Dry Skin)

    A powerful serum infused with Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate, a functional of vegetable origin known for its lightening and elastifying properties.
    Rich in glycerine, it also attracts the right amount of water to minimize dry skin discomfort.

  • Lemon – Lotion/Milk Fair Tone Plus

    Body (Normal to Dry Skin)

    This super soft, luxurious emulsion addresses spots and uneven skin tone due to ageing, pregnancy, sun damage.