The Power of Nature

  • Clear Action – Dermobrightening Cream

    Normal Skin

    Truly efficient combination of stabilized form of Vitamin C (powerful antioxydant) and Allantoin (smoothing) to help redefine skin’s radiance and complexion uniformity.

  • Clear Action – Dermobrightening Lotion

    Normal to Dry Skin

    with Argan Oil

    Truly efficient combination of ingredients (stabilized Vitamin C, Allantoin and Virgin Argan Oil) acting in synergy to help redefine skin’s radiance, improve complexion uniformity and boost skin’s elasticity.
    The skin lights up with youthful glow.

  • Clear Action – Dermobrightening Serum

    Dry Skin

    with Grape Seed Extract

    A complex of stabilized Vitamin C and Grape Seed Extract to soften the skin and enhance luminosity and color uniformity.

  • Lemon – Body Oil Moisturizing

    Body (Dry, Stressed Skin)

    Ultra-smoothing formula remarkably effective in softening and soothing dry, stressed skin.
    Its ability to limit skin water loss makes it ideal treatment after bath, shower, sun exposure.

  • Lemon – Cream 4Ever Bright

    Face (Oily Skin)

    Formulated to improve tone and brightness of the skin, this cream grants hydration and smoothness, leaving the skin firm and smooth, with no traces of grease.
    Soothed and toned, skin lights up with perfect glow.
    The citrus fragrance adds a note of lasting freshness.

  • Lemon – Cream Fair Tone Plus

    Face (Normal to Dry Skin)

    Ideal for uneven skin tone, this cream contains the maximum clinically tested levels of LUMISKIN™, a powerful functional that is proven to clear stubborn blemishes of the skin caused both by an excessive response to environmental insults (sun-rays) and by the hormonal changes (age, pregnancy) responsible of the irregular formation of melanin.

  • Lemon – Dermo-Purifying Soap

    Face & Body (Normal to Oily Skin)

    Dermo-purifying formula in vegetable soap base.
    Its creamy formula removes oil and dirt, leaving skin clear and luminous.
    The citrus scent makes you feel refreshed and tonic.

  • Lemon – Exfoliating Shower Gel

    Body (All Skin Types)


    2 in 1 product: both cleanses and polishes the skin.
    While surfactants remove dirt and impurities, wax micro granules (biodegradable!) scrub away dead cells to leave your skin looking refined and more radiant, indeed ready to get the best benefits from subsequent body care treatments (moisturizing, lightening, etc.).

  • Lemon – Exquisite Body Lotion

    Body (Dry Skin)

    Highly moisturizing lotion. Limits the water content loss and stimulates the dermis microcirculation.
    The citrus fragrance has a refreshing and bracing effect.

  • Lemon – Face Skin Cleanser

    Face (Impure Skin)

    Skin cleansing treatment to help clear the skin and combats blemish-causing impurities.
    Its dermo-purifying formula removes excess of sebum leaving the skin so fresh, soft and gently scented.
    Leave-on product.

  • Lemon – Gel 4Ever Bright

    Face (Oily & Impure Skin)

    Designed to improve tone and brightness of the skin, this lightweight gel grants hydration and smoothness, leaving the skin firm and fresh, with no traces of grease.
    Additionally, the high percentage of VITAMIN PP soothes post-acne redness and irritation and reduces the likelihood of skin inflammation.

  • Lemon – Glycerin

    Body (Dry Skin)


    When you have flaky, itchy, dry skin, you want fast relief.
    Lemon Glycerin instantly relieves dryness, uncomfortable tightness, and roughness.