• D+Concept – Collagen Re-Juvenating

    High Performance


    Fights against Skin Ageing, stimulating cell activity and contrasting oxydation.

  • D+Concept – Intimate Fluid Gel pH 5.5

    Natural pH intimate fluid gel with hypo-allergenic fragrance and ingredients of vegetable origin for the daily cleansing of external mucouses.
    It leaves a pleasant long lasting feeling of freshness.

  • D+Concept – Liquid Wash

    Physiological pH – Ideal for all types of skin

    The slightly acid pH of this liquid soap makes it suitable for all skin types.
    Its formulation does not alter physiological skin surface pH; on the contrary, its ability of lipids releaser helps keep the skin smooth and hydrated.
    Fragrance free from potential allergens.

  • D+Concept – Mask Face

    High Performance


    Formula with a high concentration of pure white clay.
    This fresh and pleasantly textured mask instantly absorbs excess oils and impurities, removes dead cells and helps reduce the appearance of pores.
    Softening and moisturizing agents make the mask easy to remove, leaving the skin instantly clarified, radiant and toned.

  • D+Concept – Peeling Face

    High Performance


    Fine apricot stone powder contained within a buttery cream facilitates the removal of excess sebum and dead skin cells (often causing the onset of pimples and blackheads).

  • D+Concept – Stretch Marks Minimizer

    High Performance


    Light, fresh and delicately fragranced, this lotion contrasts the development of stretch marks and reduces the visibility of existing stretch marks through the stimulation of fibroblasts (*).