• Hair Revita – Anti Chute Hair Shampoo


    Growth Therapy

    Adjuvant in Hair Loss Prevention.

    Formulated with a mix of Biotinyl-GHK & Antioxidant Vegetable Blend and free from harsh chemicals, it works on the bulb to repair and protect its different components.

  • Hair Revita – Carrot Mask

    for Weak and Damaged Hair

    S.O.S. damaged hair

    Revitalising treatment mask, ideal for fragile, damaged hair.
    Enriched with Aloe Vera and Beta Carotene it provides precious elements needed to repair the hair, restructuring from the outer surface to the “heart” of the hair.

  • Hair Revita – Carrot Shampoo

    for Weak and Damaged Hair

    More shine and volume

    Shine boosting, volumising and detangling shampoo.
    Formulated with carotene, renowned for its revitalising and antioxidant properties, the product is particularly suited to fragile hair.
    Keeps hair soft, hydrated and silky.

  • Hair Revita – Cream Pomade

    Growth Therapy

    with Biotinyl-GHK and Antioxidant Vegetable Blend

    To feed Hair at the Root

    Hair loss and hair thinning are associated with a variety of factors: most common are poor diet, heavy stress, hormonal changes, weak and aged bulb.

  • Hair Revita – Crystal Drops


    Tips: Ideal for Dry, Damaged Hair

    It penetrates hair to soften, protect and impart shimmering gloss.

  • Hair Revita – Keratin Filler

    for Severely Damaged Hair

    Repairs hair fibres by filling the damaged areas

    Keratin-based restructuring filler.
    Exerts a direct action on the damaged hair fibres helping to restore natural tensile strength and elasticity.
    Protects hair and boosts shine.

  • Hair Revita – Keratin Mask

    for Severely Damaged Hair

    Increases hair plasticity

    Keratin-based restructuring mask.

  • Hair Revita – Keratin Shampoo

    for Severely Damaged Hair

    Cleanses & Fortifies

    Keratin-based restructuring shampoo for badly damaged hair.

  • Hair Revita – Lemon Mask

    for All Hair Types

    Hydrates and softens with 0% silicones

    Hair mask formulated with Lemon Extract, fine oils and proteins to hydrate the hair and leave it soft and silky.
    The use of Aloe Vera together with Jojoba Oil soothes itching of the scalp and strengthens hair from root to end.

  • Hair Revita – Lemon Shampoo

    per Capelli Grassi e Appesantiti da Residui Cosmetici

    Detoxifies and eliminates oil and build-up

    Oil removing and detoxifying shampoo.
    Removes sebum, toxins and cosmetic build-up without drying the hair.
    Leaves hair clean, shiny, manageable and full of body.

  • Hair Revita – Linseed Mask

    for Lifeless and Dyed Hair

    Adds texture and shine

    Nutrient and revitalising mask formulated with Linseed extract for dull, stressed hair.
    Restores softness, elasticity and prevents frizz, leaving the hair sleek and shiny.

  • Hair Revita – Linseed Shampoo

    for Lifeless and Dyed Hair

    Cleanses & Protects

    Revitalising shampoo formulated with Linseed extract for dull, stressed hair.
    Leaves hair smooth, elastic and extremely manageable.